Kiss the Baby

2016 Morgan colt. He was born and raised on the farm. He will be getting started under saddle summer of 2019 with the intentions of being Sarah's future ride.


Born in 2000. She came to Mountain View in June 2013. She is trained to drive, and loves giving young kids pony rides. 


Cody (Silly Savage), a 2002 off the track Thoroughbred, was bought by Sarah's mother in 2007 from Suffolk Downs. Sarah restarted him under saddle off the track. He is now used as Sarahs' trail and gymkhana horse. 


Eeyore the Appy (also called "E" and "Appy" occasionally). He has competed in some gymkhana shows with Sarah, but is mainly used for trail riding and lessons. He was brought to our farm in May 2013.